Quill, Pen, Write, Author, Ink, FeatherDear father it has been a long time without me and  you meeting neither have that long chit-chat .I hope you are doing good with your health and your day to day chores . I thought it might be difficult to get there at home during this season but let this piece carry my feelings to you 
Your presence always means a lot , you have remained as my human diary because all of history has carried on your shoulders. I always  find myself chuckling  after staring those pictures of me and you in my boyish .I cherish every moment I spent with you and all those have made as commemorate to me .
Sire, sometimes I wonder what kind of human are you? You were humble, happy sometimes angry sometime docile , for sure you left me with no clear definition of my father . You bequeathed me with wisdom , that was handsome part of you . It was rarely for you to tell that you love me but your daily treatments for me were  super enough to me to understand that was a pure love of  any  child's dream to have. Look till today I live your actions and I have learnt to show love to people rather than speaking those words
You were not perfect but you were there to try being perfect father for the family .I was once wondering why you buy us some good outfits and nice clothes for Christmas and Easter but you did not buy  some for yourself . Well as a child I thought presumably I had an old fashioned daddy and unstylish one like other children's father , I was 100% wrong because as am getting older I now understand  the logic behind all those . I have learnt to have the scheme of preference and list of my priorities and by doing so I understood that you put us first on your priorities and you behind . I'm proud of  you Mr 
Father , I remember the day I questioned you that " Why you always give mom nice dresses ? and you said that woman is like a bunch of rose in a garden and you did all that to nourish your Rose huh!  I don't know if you need to hear this but I often use that technique to my fiancé and  it real works. Its obviously and am not hesitate to boast that you father is my mentor in many ways 
Your patience in solving problems is matchless and incomparable , to know where to say and what to say where  and keeping silence in some situations made me realizing I was born in good hands . I remember you stood with my mom whenever it happen chaos between neighbor and mom even though my mom was wrong and after that you would take her aside and advice what was right. Trust me baba I was young but I saw the gentleman 
I am so sorry father , those days you got quarrel or maybe mom get angry at you and you decided to leave home for some hours I thought my daddy you were coward and weak . The lesson behind that was extra ordinally as a child I could not figure out but now I know  because after you returned and find your woman has lowered  her temper was a good time for you two settle things . I took that till today whenever I face the same scenario 
Scars on your palms , sweat smells in every part of your body all those because of us to feel the sense of living . I remember you once came home late , sad and hopeless suddenly you smiled after you felt we had sensed your sorrow , Father that smile was fake and you did that so that to make us not be able to know the things you were passing through . Its a good technique and I noticed that you value our peace of mind . Another touching day was that day I came back from school and find you eating on the table , you gave me that food and pretending that you were full 
Sir, I was a little boy but I felt sorry for you since I knew exactly you ate nowhere as I stalked you all the way from your work place to home , I was behind you . Father you will be my lifetime hero .
I wondered why you aint rich like other fathers until I told that all of your money and wealth you invested on helping your younglings , your parents ,relatives and friends .Better part of you and I pray GOD to make me inherit that trait
Dear father, you had no money but we ate well, you had no money but we went to school, you had no money but our home had full of laughter than that nearby rich family .As am getting older I understand why you choose that woman to be my mom , since she never ran away of you when things got tough , she is beautiful ,hustler and strong . 
Lastly I once thought my father was going mad or maybe his oldness got closer whenever I saw you awake at night insomniac , I now understand the situation  as till this mid of night am awake writing an open letter to you .You are appreciated father 
Regard your son NOE …!

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  1. To my father. I would love to remind him that NAMPENDAA,,,

  2. what an interesting story brother. Keep up the good work.

  3. Keep pressing on have said it all..

  4. Baba kama baba. Aishi miaka mingi

  5. Mpwa_OG tommy traveller
    To my father mungu aendelee kumpa nguvu na busara za kunionesha njia sahihi za maisha nampenda sana japo sijawahi kumtamkia ila mungu analifahamu ilo

  6. Your father is lucky man, having you for a son.

  7. I can feel that goosebumps your Father got after gone thru this one.. Anyways keep it up Lil bro

  8. you rock....nice going friend...🔥