Nowadays is uncommon to find a house with no animal either livestock or other animals for companion.Animals has made life meaningfull and very friendly to the extent that some people prefer being friends with animals than their fellow humans.
The best example is from Money Heist series  where Marsella was a character who preffered dog companion than other creature as it happened in war all his fellows ran away and only his dog(Pamuk) stand on his side .Well, not only dogs there are a lot of friendly animals to live them at your home place .Enjoy the list  

 8.HORSES (Equus ferus caballus)

White Horse, Horse, Nature, Animal, Mare

Have you ever ride these strong ,beautiful and famous creatures form anciety time till tomorrow ?.Strong muscle of limbs make them used in sports ,war and even transportation as we all witnessed in movies and real life .They are friendly to people and love us as we do ,most of Asian country have them and few in Africa like The mountain Kingdom of Lesotho and nearby countryies .
The hidden feature of horses is that they can stand for even 6 months without laying down due to the strong muscles . Male horse is Stallion and female is Mare 


Fish, Goldfish, Freshwater Fish

Their fascinating colors as they floating in the acquarium real worth watching .Staying long time staring at them is not something strange , some put them in the offices and other at home as a decoration .
 They are of about many species with different colors and the wonderful fact about them is they do have taste buds all over their body and above all that most of lip sticks for ladies contain fish shells.The truth is , having them at home will always make your house pretty and attracting more people to visit now and then  .


European Rabbits, Bunnies, Grass

You can't speak about African myths without speaking about Rabbits ,small animals and very famous one due to their characters and not bothersome .Did you know Rabbit teeth never stop growing ??
Sure instead they gradual go down as the Rabbit chew .Moreover Cartoon has showed us that Rabbits survive well in an area full of carrots .Look , they can even live for more than 10 years if there is good care .
Staying with them at home place always makes attractive , as they are running randomly in the home compound make it even more better. Most people have them because they don't need much cost for keeping them and also they are high prolific 


Parrot, Bird, Wings, Ara, Colored, Pen

They are magical ,fascinating and very astonishing with their beautiful colors as they are flying .I once thought that i was in Disney land when i saw them ,repeating whatever i said was my first experience until i figured out that was their character to imitate sound so that they can fit in with their surroundings .Both male and female look virtualy same .There is more than 393 species of Parrots .
Trust me if you have these birds at your place most of guests will feel like to get back again for visiting .Babies always enjoy the company of Parrots and make them laugh most of the time and so are very important at home


Wildlife, Turkey, Thanksgiving, Bird

Bigger in size and good looking with feathers and unique body .They are kept for consumption but also as for companion at home , they always expand their wings to establish their presence which makes them more attractive .Wild Turkey are friendly birds and are loved by other birds .Are known to have 20 distinct vocalizations and individual Turkey has umique voice for recognition of each other.
Did you know male droppings are S shaped while female droppings are Spiral in shape !!! Wild Turkey are the best at home 


Animal, Cat, Kitten, Yawning, Feline

The loved animal of all i can say .People have a lot of reasons to love cats and others love them reasonless due to the priceless behaviours of these animals.Rats are the worst foe of them and being in house not only help for companion but also for keeping away rats from infesting in the house 
Did you know cats have 1000 times more data storage than an iPad !?But including lions ,tiggers and the one quietly  scratching at your curtains lack the Amino Acid that would make the DNA for gene allowing them to detect sweet taste .People love cats than dogs because cats dont require walking everyday as dogs ,they can stay indoors all the day 


Dog, Animal, Pet

These are the friends of people and the best gift of anyone dream , they never cause tiresome being with them inside the house .Most of them are intelligent and very calm .They are more submissive to any creature with high pack status .People love them because they show voluntary unselfish ,kindness toward other without any rewards.
Did you know dogs sense of smell is 10,000-100,000 times that of human being .Dog's company never dissapoint , have one at your home place 


Peacock, Bird, Feather, Close Up, Color, IridescentTheir beauty is matchless and incomparable .Everyone knows how astonishing they are and just imagine them at your place huh! It believed that royal families are the ones that only posses peacocks but its not true its just a matter of choice .Visiting Tanzanian palace they are many 

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