Have you ever think of reading books ?have you ever think on how you can capture knowledge in books or any other article ? 
Well, we are now leaving in a world full of knowledges apart from the academic we all acquire from schools or Universities  .You might be that person who always read books and still don't gain satisfactory fruits from it , presumably that person to whom reading books is like other stuffs as reading magazine or watching movies

The followings can be the source of difficulties in achieving reading goals....!

Well, its not strange for someone to fail understanding some English words or those bombastic terms in some books as we differ in mother language and probably the author of the particular book or article trying to portray the reality of the book by giving the words of the ancient time and this is mostly for the historical books and religious ones .So for the beginner of the reading or if you often face this challenge , don't make it as a boundary for you not achieving the rewards in reading you may find a dictionary (soft copy or hard copy ) and look for meaning of the words 

This happen when someone fails to have the true flow of ideas from the beginning of the book . This was my problem on the very first days of reading books and I did figure out that consistency was a source . Staying long time without reading and then get back to the books made me to forget the previously chapters ,this can also be witnessed for those movie addict especially for series and long documentaries.    
 Also , happens when you fail to link themes of the book you read and real life situation this might be due to the nature of book genre you're reading , for instance when you read history books you'll fail to relate the past situations and current one       

 In the journey of reading books we always not do as fashion or maybe to be among them people who reads NO. We do this purposely and acquiring knowledge is all we want and refreshment too , so understanding what you want is the best thing you'll ever do in reading books .That might be your compass toward successful reading . For example , find political ideas in political books, find love and relationship tips in books concerning that and not vice versa though you can not find sugar in salt huh!
So , after knowing  hinderances of the successful reading let us know how to cultivate the gifts from which books can bring .    People, Man, Guy, Smile, Happy, Reading
  • Like other subjects you need to have a place to note the things that touched you in the book you are reading (but i dont mean to read like you are going to use them in the coming examination ) .We need to enjoy reading , so make it relaxant and take few things of importance .Have a notebook to write lessons you've got in a book at the end you will notice that you have a lot of knowledge in few pages of your notebook
  • Go to learn as student , prepare your mind to receive !Obviously you cant add more water in the  full cup , so the thing you may do in reading is to have that desire of learning .Pretending that you know nothing about the thing you are reading will boost you to know more ,changes starting from within 
  • After reading you can now pass through the notebook or a place where you had written all the lessons you gained in the book ,make self evaluation on your perceptions and thoughts toward different matters .Make a comparison between current you and previous one , putting the knowledge from books into real life situation is the best thing you can do ...!  Read books to have more knowledge ,to enjoy , extract the refreshment of your mind and make a better self .

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