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Human body physiology is made up of hormones and other anatomical structures that works together to ensure sexual drives .Every vibrant person to whom has attain puberty stage must meet sexual desire regardless of the sex while other factors like diseases ,genetical problems and congenital anomalies kept unconsidered .

We differ on how to deal with our sexual feelings some decide to have relationships some  use other means like self satisfactory mechanisms i.e masturbation (for both males and females) by stimulating their private parts using special instruments or other means .It happened few days ago these rumor's that women are keeping pet dogs and use them for sex desire satisfaction . "WOMEN USE DOGS TO LICK THEIR VAGINAS !!!!

Well, its shocking news as these dogs are the best companion animals and friendly ones to live with , through this article you will be able to understand if using " dogs as replacement of men " is legal or not also you will know some consequences of doing that .
Let consider the components of the External Vaginal Anatomy  

 Most of the time, a woman called her entire genital region as the vagina. In fact, the vagina is only part of the package. The outer portion of a woman's  privates is actually the vulva.It includes the
  1. Mons Veneris
  2. Inner and outer labia
  3. clitoris
  4. clitorial hood 
  5. opening to the urethra and vagina
Thus, the vulva is the external sexual organ of a woman. It is this part of the vaginal anatomy we see when we stand in front of the mirror. This entire area is covered with nerve endings which is extremely sensitive to touch and stimulation.
1. Mons Veneris
Hill or Mound of Venus (Venus is the Roman Goddess of Love) is the pad of fatty tissue that lies just above the opening of the vagina. It protects the pubic bone and other delicate organs and bones in the pelvic area from the impact of sexual intercourse.
Usually covered with a thatch of pubic hair, this is the part of the external vaginal anatomy we are most familiar with. The mound of Venus is one of the most erotic part of the body and is highly sensitive to touch.

2. Labia Majora
Outer set of vaginal lips. These are pads of fatty tissue that wrap around the vulva from the Mound of Venus to the perineum. These outer lips are covered with pubic hair and contain sweat and oil glands which provide the characteristic “musky” scent. Simply stroking the outer lips can easily set your sexual desires aflame.

3. Labia Minora
These are the inner pair of lips or the flower. They are thin stretches of elastic tissue within the outer lips. They fold and protect the vagina, urethra and clitoris. The appearance of the inner lips can vary widely among women. This is the part of the vulva which cause women a lot of stress.
It can be tiny lips that hide between the outer lips to large lips that protrude beyond the outer lips. This inner pair of lips might not be symmetrical and the edges are not totally smooth. The healthy thing is to understand that our inner labia are as unique as our fingerprints. Every woman is different. There is no right or wrong about it.
Most of us often think that our vaginal wetness comes from the vagina. In fact most of the lubrication comes from the Bartholin glands that line the walls of both vaginal lips.

4. Clitoris (Slang:"Little Man In A Boat")
It is a small bud-like formation between the inner lips and the clitorial hood. The clitoris is a small body of pink spongy tissue that is highly responsive to sexual stimulation. 

During sexual arousal, the clitoris extends and the hood retracts to make the bud more accessible. It becomes engorge with blood. Doubles its size and transforms into a firm, erect "button" which is highly sensitive to touch!
Some of us may have small clitoris. While others have larger ones where the clitoral hood does not completely cover. 

5. Urethra
This is the opening below the clitoris which is not related to sex or reproduction but for the passage of urine. It is connected to the bladder. As the urethra is close to the anus,always wipe from front to back after passing stool. If your wiping from back to front you are introducing bacteria from the anus to the vagina and urethra.
6. Hymen
The hymen is a traditional symbol of “virginity”. It is a thin swatch of membrane that partially covers the vaginal opening. Some women have a thin membrane that is easily torn by vigorous exercise or insertion of a tampon. Others might be born with very thick hymens that need to be surgically removed before they can have intercourse or inserting a tampon.
7. Perineum 
This is a short stretch of skin starting at the bottom of the vulva and extending to the anus. It often tears during child birth to allow the passage of the baby
So after that beautiful view we have seen is it Legal for the dogs be used as sexual tool for licking it ?NO ITS ABUSIVE !!
It is totally wrong and illegal as according to The Animal Welfare Act 2008, at PART III(keeping of animals ) section (b) of companion animals ,subsection 7 it says 
" A person shall not train an animal in a way that is detrimental to its health and welfare ,such as by forcing it to exceed its natural capacities or strength by employing artificial aid which may cause unnecessary suffering ,pain ,injury or distress"
Also subsection 8 it says "A person shall not subject an animal for show ,advertising , pain ,injury or distress"
So, through both two subsections it shows any action that will bring about distress to an animal shall not be performed .When it comes to forcing (because that not its willing) a dog to move between the thighs and licking pussy will eventually cause distress and sometimes pain if young one has been used .
After that all let see the consequences of those practices 
1.Dog bites ; forcing  dog to lick the vagina will raise anger and impatient as it is new experience to it and manifestation of that is biting leading to bleeding and trauma of which will results to Rabies if the dog is not vaccinated 
2.Bacteria Infection(bacteremia); dog saliva has a lot of bacteria as normal flora to it but harmful to other animal species and humans .Infections after harmful bacteria  from dog's saliva  seeps into bloodstream causing sepsis or blood poisoning . Among of those bacteria are Capnocytophaga canimorsus  that will cause blood spots that looked like bruises all over the body particularly on the chest and face
3.If the dog licks you after licking its anus , can transmits round worms  and other worm eggs 
4.Can also cause allergies as it licks the vagina and saliva get drying on the skin ,the proteins in saliva becomes airborne and these enter your body system will results to allergic reaction.
5.Apart from the risk of bacterial and parasitic infections there is another reasons not to allow a dog licking your private part as dogs tend to dig their noses into trash cans ,sniff under each others tails as well as their droppings and chew all sorts of nasty things that they encounter . So their muzzles are filled with germs which can enter your body easily through mucus membrane .
My call to all them ladies, don't come into that level of horny to the extent of allowing a dog licking your private part find other way around but not that !!! 

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