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We are living in a different world, a fierce world, the one in which everyone is trying to be strong protecting oneself inner peace, the world full of inner wounds and so much insecurities. In this world the majority are afraid to fall in love as per many reasons personal experiences of heartbreak, family shit and even being haunted by the past being a few of them. That being the case the world has transformed sex from its status to a more low profile . Am not saying sex is strange or should be something like a big deal, but what am trying to say is there is no more intimacy in sex no more passion as it used to be . All that the majority needs is not the intimacy, passion and the love in sex but the motive to quench sexual desires. As the human nature of seeking what we want, and have it in a most easy way, sex has been nomarlized  to the extent that  it carries no more values.

     The blasphemy in sex has been so much more that people find it so normal to fuck their close relatives such as parents, cousins, and even siblings. And when we hear of these acts we just find it normal .Hooking up ,night stands  and flings have been so much entertained that they have become our normal life.

     Fear of commitment has gained its peak that more people do not what to engage in serious and committed relationships because of the idea that most relationships drain so much energy and might lead to poor results like heartbreaks . That being the case people only want to fill their body needs, I mean sex and go their separate ways . This is more accompanied by the desire of only immediate pleasure and not the long lasting bonds. Being like I like her/him but relationships are just not for me ,id just love to enjoy a binge sex with him/ her. Going out of wedlock being the same case of seeking immediate pleasure and since the majority  are accustomed to this way of life ,we normalize sex. Just as the saying goes ``there are ways that seem right in the eyes of man but the are completely wrong``

     Failure to question the accuracy and intent of the message we get in social medias, movies and internet. Early  exposure to sexual content has made this generation normalize the essence of sex  to the extent that anyone can be a sex goal .Sex is now sold openly via  sex toys, branding by popular dating apps and pornography websites .Imagine  Live jasmine .com a porn website gets 32million visitors per month. This evidences that the society has made sex very casual.

     Demoralization and putting life needs ahead of dignity and humanity has made sex corruption being a part op  normal ways of life, students with teachers, bosses with workers and even among co workers.As the saying goes `give and take` ,the Swahili people claim it by `nipe nikupe` people believe that at the end we all get what we want example one gets pleasure and another gets a job.

     Technology advancements have led to decreased fear of STDS and STIS , there by people normalizing sex thinking that in no way will their health be at stake. Due to high technology people believe that they can sex with whoever they want however casual it looks and still not jeopardizing their health status .Since the health risk in sex is minimized   its more obvious that sex will be made normal as per human nature of repeating something with less harm than the one with more harm yet the thing brings immediate pleasure.

        At one time in our lives we have had casual sex ,well if u have not good for u and I want you to know that you are doing a great job in keeping your dignity and you should keep it up. We all can stop normalizing sex and put our dignity ahead, casual sex could cause a  lot of harm than we think like psychological effects for instance one may no longer believe in a the idea of marriage and having a happy family, sleeping around could seem fun but why don’t we take responsibility of our own actions , be brave and live up for the better course of life than normalizing sex  ,instead we can build a healthy sex life, and this will be a better way of protecting our peace and avoiding some inner wounds.

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  1. You said it all Noe๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿฝ, it has reached a point where some hate sex, because everytime one person meets the other its all about sex and nothing else๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿฝ

  2. Too much freedom without knowledge and skills to live with is our biggest failure...anything we do in our lives need to got to have a meaning without that then we're just adding more problems to deal with in the future