Bar, clubs ,cinemas and other recreational sites have been our  our better places after work hours or studies unfortunately most of them add less to our self worthiness . We sometimes need to change our hobbies into  source of income or a lucrative thing .Let me give you some other habits that you will never regret to be addicted on 

   Side hustle   

 Stopwatch, Hustle And Bustle, Hours

The world is so speedy and expenditures increase everyday to the extent that monthly take salary can no longer afford to keep us . Employed and entrepreneurs are struggling , grants and loans for university students have been so little for them to make a good living .Most of jobs and studies ending at 16;00 of which other people spend in bars and doing other stuffs but is so precious time for making other productive ventures , spending about 3 hours i.e from 16;00-19;00 could be enough for your private enterprise like having a shop , garden ,farm

Online studies

 Online, Course, Training, Teacher

Someone once said “ We are in a knowledge economy , what you know is what will differentiate you and accelerate your growth, your growth will highlight your value and your value will elevate your worth” in other words , your net worth growth will be proportional to your knowledge and application game .Knowing things out of your field will eventually add value , for example a medical personnel who knows computer sciences will differ far more than his/her colleagues. There are some universities that offers some free online courses and they provide certificates Example Stanford University is the world best university for economic subjects , others are like  Science , Computer science , Mathematics, Programming , Data science , Humanities , Business , Personal development from UK's university free online courses, IELT free  preparation online courses by British council ,Australian government free online courses https, Also there are some sites which will give you a lot like Linkedln,Indeed,Careeralism,Job-hunt,JobBait,CreerCloud,GM4JH,

Higher learning education 


Well, education will never disappoint the more you get more degrees or maybe other post graduate education is the more you be exposed to more cakes and a lot of opportunities .People have got many degrees of your kind and so to differ with them you need to add up further education qualifications . The same applies to  job opportunities the one with more qualification will be considered before others .This can be done through online and Open universities , after end of work hours you can adjust some more hours with this and hence your extra time will be well spent .

Home workout and exercise 

 We are the product of what we consume everyday and its obviously that our lifestyle depict the strength of our body immunity . Junks and oily foods have been our favorite meals as they are prepared faster , lack of enough exercise due to long work hours made us weak and very susceptible to disease like obesity , Heart attack , Liver failure , weak muscle and bone . There are a lot of exercises you may do at your home place and even in your room by your own example pushups , squats , jumping with ropes .The good thing is most of these workout can be done without coach or any instructor from gym . Spending one or two hours per day doing exercise is not time wasting imagine came home 16;00 and exercising to 18;30 and then after you'll proceed with other chores 

Reading books 

Stay At Home, Staying, Home, Studying

 This would be the first thing on top there because is among of habits that everybody should adopt and make it as his/her hobby . There is a lot of books with different knowledges , there is many secretes in the books . Reading books everyday wont let you empty headed . Buy yourself a book or download them  soft copies from   different book site  like  read at least 10 pages per day and you will find yourself done with many books for a short period of time .

Learning different language

Learn, School, Language Teaching

 Basing on one language you raised at will never be enough because opportunities come from different parts of the world and need people with different language . Globalization has made this so that through interaction people will be able to exchange ideas and experience in different matters .In your free time you can have this chance by downloading Applications in your AppStore or PlayStore pertaining self learning on different language for the example i love Spanish and so i use FastLingo app for Spanish and mind you it works !!

Evening walk 

Abendstimmung, Afterglow, Sunset

We always have busy weeks and presumably get less time to relax and figure out other things out of scope . We fail even to meditate or maybe praying because we used to have triangle life i.e WORK,BAR,HOME which is not so much good .Evening walk is healthier  as you move out of your place to other place alone , calm down your mind and trying figure out your life , daily lifestyle .Spending time alone talking to your inner demons is of extreme benefit since you'll be able to evaluate yourself  ,just self examination and assessing your flaws so that you can correct it for self improvement 

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