Seeing someone slowly lose interest in you is probably one of the worst feeling ever , every one need  to be needed .Being ignored brings a lot of insecurities and drop of self esteem in front of others as you might feel they have the same thoughts as the person who completely ignore you . In friendship or even when you loved someone and had to let them go , there is always  be that moment of emotional pain and loneliness . We just need to avoid that and here comes the reason for most of people to lose interest in others 

Failure of communication

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As friends or lovers , the best tool for strengthen your relationship is good communication .Checking each other regularly make the bond strong , it doesn't mean every hour you should do that but at least not a whole day without communicate .Knowing someone's progress implying you real care. calls and random texts from someone you love hits different think of morning call huh! So whenever it happens no more communication you might find someone lose interest and find one to rectify that. 


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They said no any single person is busy its just a matter of priority, but also changing priorities is inevitable as life change and we need to update our daily moves and probably the way we  are leaving .Imagine someone has to do 8hrs job and as time goes his/her expenses increase and he/she must find other means to improve the daily income and find him/herself do job for 12hrs , priority change from chatting or spend time with lover or friend to work . By doing so the former people would think the guy has lost interest in them or maybe ignore them .
Also think of two bestfriends of different sex , after one them getting a partner will basically shift the energy to him/her and left the other feel like wanted no more 

Failure to reciprocate the energy 

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Well, we all need feeling needed and some people go far by doing things to be worthful for others like buying gifts , spend a lease of time for others , company  and comfort them. Waiting for the returns is not most people ever wanted but as humans  we all prefer rewards for the good things we did . Failure of doing the same  thing of which other do may make someone who always does the things inferior and he/she is just forcing to be part of ones life  and manifestation of that is losing interest 

Presence of more potential people than you

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We meet people and everyone has his/her potential and its obviously to differ amongst .We all deserve better but when it comes to relationship either friendship or love , potential seeking is toxic of all .When you got 1 and someone meet with other person with 3 its easier to shift attention to the one with 3 as a result will lose interest to the former one .


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 We all have greed but we differ the extent ,every person comes to our lives to serve a particular purpose at particular time .Most of us lose interest to the people we have by comparing with other people's people .Failure to appreciate the things you have will eventually last your relationship of any kind either love or friendship .
Speaking of love , comparing the potentials in your partner with others partner  or maybe appearance of yours with other has always made it toxic of so many relationships . 


Yes!!Time is the best answer for  any problem but about losing interest time gives us different answers , life is hustle and struggling to achieve certain lucrative thing is all we want but unfortunately after getting them we figure out the thing wasn't even  worth that much hustle and thus you'll lose interest . There is nothing hard than waiting , it kills a lot of hopes and brings about losing interest . Waiting for the 'Yes' from the girl you're chasing for a long time can lead to losing interest on her .

Absence of the things you wanted before 

In love relationship myself i prefer loving without a condition or reasons because those things last . You may love a person because of her nice boobs, big ass , attractive body and stuffs but those thing can physiologically get wasted as age goes .So by that manner will imply that after those reason you fell for get lost you'll never have interest to that lady .
 Also for the ladies falling for the guy because of big chest , six packs  maybe good looking will someday  makes you feel like losing interest to the guy . I don't mean people should not have their varieties and categories when it comes to selection of spouses but in the next chapter ill write about LOVING WITHOUT A REASON

So avoiding all those will strengthen whatever relationship you have .. Leave your comment or email is favorite part of my life . 

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  1. Baab utatuua na hivi vizungu πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Me.peace boy

  2. Baab utatuua na hivi vizungu πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Me.peace boy