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There are a lot of outcomes to having both feelings and excitement take place. You’re safe if the outcome is positive, and if not, a lot can happen. This is a real life story, you can learn something from it and share it with your friends.
 Mornings are very beautiful but they are especially beautiful if you wake up in the place that is the source of your happiness; whether it’s with your family, with people that know your or your relatives. It feels like such a blessing.
I heard loud banging on the door and someone called “University student! University student! Wake up, you’re sleeping like you don’t get to sleep while at the University!”
I knew who the voice belonged to; it was my youngest sibling. Her name was Vaileth (Vai) she was in grade 6 at the time. She liked to pick on me but her teasing only made me love her more.
This was during the August holiday last year, right after my internship. I usually came home to my dad and my two siblings; Vai and Biko who was in form 2. Biko was a good friend, he wasn’t problematic.
I got up after the ruckus to find that my younger siblings had already made breakfast. I took a shower and then waited until dad joined us before we started eating. It was at this point that the pivotal moment of this story occurred.
My dad said his friend was coming over, that the friend needed to take his child to Muhimbili and that they had been suffering from an illness for the past 6 months. I agreed and prepared the room for them.
Late that evening a car parked outside our gate. Vai was overly eager so she hurriedly opened the gate. I saw a man in his mid forties motion for me to go to him as he was unpacking his luggage. I went to him and he asked me to help his child who could not walk. His child was a young girl. She looked too frail with yellowed eyes and barely any strength.
I took her inside and realized that she couldn’t stand either, so I placed her on the longest couch there and she laid there.
We left my dad in the living room with the visitor and the young girl. We went to the kitchen to prepare something for the visitors to eat.
I love my family especially my two siblings. I spend most of my holidays working or volunteering so I can increase my experience or I would go to my friend James's farm and help him farm. I can only do all of that if the powers that be did not gift me with a  supplementary.
Afterwards we cooked and then prepared the table and then ate. After eating, my dad and the girl’s father went out to the veranda to talk. They left us with the sick girl. We started conversing and she told us that her name was Angela and that she was in grade four in a school in Tabora. We were very delighted to find that she was very cheerful.
Angela had dark skin that shinned and her hair was in twist outs. We talked and talked and then I eventually told my siblings to go to sleep as they had school the following day. They left me alone with Angela .
I’m a medical student so I could  tell the nature of Angela’s illness but I didn’t say anything.
We kept on talking and we got to know each other pretty well in that short time. I noticed that she had a very beautiful smile. As we were talking she told me she wanted to become a well known presenter, as big as ‘Zuhra Yunus'. She also liked to sing. She wanted to learn how to cook. She also said that she liked to laugh, I found myself laughing when she said that. I honestly felt like I was getting a good friend when I least expected it.
I told her what I liked as well and then the day ended on a very good note. Tomorrow came and went and I found myself spending a lot of time with Angela as we were both home together when the others stepped out. I did my best to make her happy as she spent most of her time sleeping on the couch. The biggest issue was her . I used to play her a song by Eugene called Angela and it used to cheer her up. She made me give up on finding a part time job and just spend all of my time comforting her.
One day, as the two of us were talking she said to me “Brother Noel ever since I started school I’ve only ever been the first one in my class but I have been at home for a while now, they’ll get ahead of me.”
The statement hurt me deeply but I told her “You are a fallen angel, no one will surpass you or do you want us to bet on it?”
She gave me her fingers so that we could pinky promise and we laughed over the matter.
Then I asked her “What will you eat Older sister,”
She teased me saying “Don’t you feel any shame calling me Older sister when you’re that old?”
I laughed and tickled her for a bit and then I went to the kitchen.
Guys, I don’t know why but my bond with Angela was so great to the extent that everyone was shocked by it. She couldn’t eat without me, she couldn’t do anything without me.
One day, I found myself talking to her father and he told me that she was suffering from sickle cell anemia for the longest time. It affected the bones in her hip. He told me that they had conducted tests like ESR, CBC,HB Electrophoresis and X-RAY that showed that one of her femoral heads osteonecrosis was ground. I told him that I did think that she might be suffering from sickle cell.
He told me that he had to go to Muhimbili (MOI) the day after tomorrow. I told him I would go with them because I really loved Angela.
I took Angela outside the next day so we could count the stars be amazed by the dark sky and little light that came from the street lights.
She started singing some of the songs she had written and when she was done I started telling her about this novel called ‘The Fling with the Mafia Boss'. She was very delighted. She leaned on my shoulder and asked me to ask her father to let her stay there with us when he decided to go back home. I agreed to her request even though I knew it was impossible.
Tomorrow arrived and we prepared for the journey. We took the Abood Bus Service all the way to Dar. We stayed with some relatives and went to the hospital the next day. The doctor looked at all the results of all the tests Angela had done and confirmed that she did have Sickle Cell and that her bones were ground. So she needed to get an artificial hip that cost about TZS12 million.
We went back to the house we had slept in. Her father and his relatives collected the funds for the leg and Angela was set to get the operation done the following week.
Guys, I had to fast so I could pray for her and God was truly great as she was released a few days later and we went back to Morogoro. After that her father and her had to go back to Tabora. The idea of leaving without me was absolutely unacceptable to her. She was so obstinate she refused to eat at times.
But she was young, there was nothing she could do to get her way. So when the day finally came we took them to the bus stand. She cried the whole way with her arms wrapped around me. My shirt got wet from all the tears. I felt emotional as well, I found myself crying when we got to the bus stand.
They got home safely and we communicate with her and her family through video calls and normal calls up to this day.
A lot of us check for HIV/AIDS before getting married and we forget all about genetic diseases. I’d like to invite you all to get tested for genetic diseases especially sickle cell.
The End.

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