Coenurosis case in KONGWA RANCH

 The Sheep seems like crazy others call it "Zombie diseases" referring on them zombies on movies due to the way they move without proper direction .  We met this case at Kongwa ranch with ( 38000 hectors) with more than 9832 cattle , 971 sheep and some goats and pigs .

Coenurosis is the kind of diseases of parasitic infection occurring mostly to the sheep and other ungulates . The disease caused by middle stage of tapeworm Taenia  Multiceps which dogs are the definitive host of the worms . 

How does sheep get infected ??

The eggs are mostly found in the dung of the definitive  host (dog) that enter into environment after defecation of which will be spit out to the grasses .The sheep  and other ungulates get infected by eggs after consuming the contaminated grasses with eggs that will pass into digestive system and grow to Onchosphere with hooks for intestine attachment .

From there it will disseminate to other body organ via blood stream , among them is brain of which will develop into larva stage known as Coenurus that will make cyst like structure in the brain

Due to destruction of brain some abnormal signs will be observed including tremors ,vomiting, abnormal response to the stimulus and above all that the sheep will move in circular motion as the condition become severe will die .

Whenever it happened to the herd you should consult a veterinary doctor for help

What about Coenurosis in human??? Is uncommon for human to get infected by the parasite since they are too specific for host but it happened in Paris 1913 where the CT scan reveal Coenurus cerebrasis in one man brain 

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  1. Interesting...wat about control measures 🤗

    1. deworming of both intermediate and definitive hots is very best