Well, it is very simple for everybody to think out of the box but the audacity to practice things out of the box is not for everyone and this is because of many challenges on the campus

Brothers and sisters, I really congratulate you for whatever you are doing as a side hustle apart from studies as you can see out of 150 students in your class you may find only a few can do that. It is not an easy thing actually although I do not mean the students who are not doing side jobs are lazy

It doesn’t matter where you have had got the capital for your business either bequeathed from parents or from your savings the matter of fact is you are doing the things for living.

Look, is not easy to skip some sessions and traveling long-distance searching commodities for your small business, and also is uncommon for a person to waste a lot of money on fees and find him/herself not attending classes

Spending your weekends on the farm or any of your business rather than watching movies, clubbing and the like is something appreciable. Mind you that whatever you are doing is huge even if it seems a bit small that’s why not everyone can do, it is like breaking the boundaries of a comfort zone

You decided to spend most of your extra time learning some courses out of your academic career so that to gain more knowledge for your side hustle rather than bolded in memorizing those notes which them lecturers always provide, you are the hero because the knowledge and exposure you be acquiring is very useful since the things which differentiate you with others is the one which increases your value and exposes you to many opportunities out there

They see you as weak and stupid for staying long without attempting some question in an examination room, well it is not their fault since they do not know how many things are running in your mind in the meantime.

For the girl hustlers, you are the real queens for sure since it is not easy for the female to avoid fashions and trending designs of clothes to save money so that you can start that small business, they laugh at you because you are too rough and not stylish and you have the family to feed not the community to please, yeah economic freedom is what matters.

For the boy hustlers, you are the Alpha in this jungle full of many immature males who keep on spending their money unnecessarily and yourself decided to save for a business. While others keep sending fare to their girlfriends you decided to spend that amount on increasing the commodities on your business.

Staying late hours and midnight reading so that you can compensate for the time you did spend on your side hustles is not something to take for granted and is more than sacrifice. Getting more probation and C’s in your exams but yet you never give up

It is not easy for the Medical students to deal with many medical subjects and at the same time to compute for loss and profit of their business. At the university but yet you make some home decision, got 540000Tsh as boom allowance but you split it for you, your hustle and for your younglings at home, that does not help it is LOVE

Above all that, never give up keep on keeping on as hustle never disappoint. What you are doing is so far ahead of time since the majority will be doing it after campus life and others at the ‘ too late’ . Live your life spend less save more. Do studies do business and other hustles.


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