Dear future son, I know you still hanging between my laps and inside your mom’s pelvis . I do not know when I will bring you into this earth but I wish you could find this letter whenever you come.

I wish to get you as my first born so that your braveness will be the light to your younglings, I would also wish to have you as my second born after your sister so that for her being older than you would make you learn how to respect other women.

Dear son, there are many challenges into this world. I might be in a suitable age to get you, but the timing isn’t a suitable one yet. Look, I can’t allow myself to invite you into this bitter world, before I make it better for you. It will be wise if you wait.

The world has a lot of women whom can be my wife but trust me, not every woman can be your mother. I want to find you a mother that, even when you have 1000 rebirths, you’ll still select her womb as your safe haven. That woman, whom, whenever she crosses your path, you’ll admire your dad’s choice and appreciate his taste. That doesn’t mean your father is so picky, rather it demonstrates that, your father is not for everyone, and surely possessing a pu*** and/or as* do not get you a free-pass (standards son, it matters).

Dear son, I never went to school by using a school bus, but I promise, you’ll have options when it comes to transport. If it happens that, our financial situation does not allow these options to be there, I will be there with you. I will make sure I’m holding an umbrella for you when it is raining and you’ve rain boots in your feet, even if it means I’m bare footed. I will do this, while also making sure that you’re learning to carry the umbrella on your own when the time comes. In any situation that you’ll find yourself in, I’ll make sure I’m equipping you with confidence and understanding, so that, if you are attending a public school, then you know its your path to brevity destined within you. This is through the challenges that it offers, or as they say, “it prepares you to become a man”. But, if you’ll be attending a private school (International school), then you’ll understand that you’ve got a better start than majority, and that it’s a privilege and you’re not entitled. And therefore, its your responsibility to accumulate much knowledge possible (don’t forget to play though). Most important, my son, whenever you’ll be at a privileged position don’t ever forget that, humbleness, humility and empathy are the best labels you can wear. 

I will never force you to be top of your class, but if you do, then I’ll owe you the latest gaming gadget. However, progress and positive attitude towards life are non-negotiables.  I promise to be your first teacher though I don’t mean to teach Algebra and other mathematical computations  NO, I’ll be teaching how to live with people and to be opportunistic to extract goodness in them because I believe 80% of your entire life will be spent with people rather than your family members, at school, work and in the society.

Dear son, I promise to be your first pastor. I will preach you how I understand the term Religion and what God want. Teaching you how God and life hustle does relate, I will show you how hard working and God relates. I’ll never allow you to believe in those beliefs that preaches to receive cars, houses and precious things without struggle.

I will teach you what life really need and show you my nice pages and some of my bad ones although there are some pages of which I would wish to remove from my adventure book of life. I hope angel side of me will be the light for you to walk through while dark side of mine will make you avoid wrong actions.

Dear son, I am right here preparing a good life for you. That life which would make you proud of me. Education will not be the only thing that I’ll bequeath you, because I’m really preparing total life for you so that you could encounter no hardship as I did. I will be your guy friend and brother to whom you can feel free to express whatever you feel as a human. Congratulate me when I will be doing a good thing, feel free to tell me when am wrong. I would wish to remind you that your mother is also my wife so you’ll have to know the difference.

Dear son, I promise not to force you into doing anything, never force your Right to be wrong or your YES to be NO but I will play my part as father according to life experience. I will tell you more about relationships, about what women want how to live with them too. I will talk to you about love and make your innocent soul not an Alpha male with a list of broken hearted ladies

Regards your Father .








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