Your future can probably be my past and the vice versa is true, we have got the same journey and maybe our targeted destination might be the same, success. Is not necessary for both of us to use the same road to achieve that journey

Since we all are humans and everyone’s future has been made as a puzzle we do not have to take each other for granted. Suppose you are doing work for you and yourself only but there is someone out there doing the job for him/her and the family, and so when you see one is not moving forward know that you can’t be the same

We are all living under the same sun, you might be stylish and wear some nice and expensive clothes but someone somewhere only needs anything to cover his body. It's okay to be that way and no one can blame you for that but priorities between people differ and there are some people have a lot to achieve before wearing those expensive clothes  we can’t be the same

A person can always fail the exams and you score high, yeah that’s is great for you because you are fighting different battles.  Studies  is the only thing that troubling you  but others have a lot of enemies before meeting that studies. Imagine someone has to find the money for himself, rent and paying bills, so the energy that supposed to be spent only for studies it has been divided to many other activities we can’t be the same

The only stress you have is not having money for savings in the bank account but you may find someone there who even does not know where to get the money for his day. You are fighting for a living and others are surviving. It  doesn’t mean that person is lazy NO is just God’s time is the perfect time for the blessings to unfold

When it happens at your home there is no dinner or supper it is due to the failure of the housemaid to cook, but someone out there has got no meal because there is nothing to cook. I’m not blaming you for having that good family but do not assume the one who misses the same blessings as you have is weak and maybe he is not hustling much as you do

Brother/sister you are studying to avoid blames from parents and relatives but I am studying for my life as I do not have anything left as bequeath, so when you see me having many sleepless nights while studying don’t be amazed we can't be the same

Brother, you spoil your girlfriend with a lot of money for her to love you, but  I provide some cash to her so that she can afford to live as I could do to other people in need. I do not buy love we can't be the same

Seems like am not stylish and probably I am lagging behind the time NO,  I am in front of the time as the things I’m doing now you will find yourself doing later. Fishing attention  to people thinking that they do care, it will come a day you will notice there was nobody did  care

You were born to a nice family that’s super good. Coming to the earth and find yourself in the flat or other fine houses and cars would be the dreams of any of the unborn children. But for someone to fail that doesn’t mean his father was lazy and didn’t struggle to achieve as much as your parent did. Be proud of your life and everyone’s destination has written in the star

Above all that, the term success has a broad meaning, and I take it as a huge dam of petrol of which it only needs a single spark to cause an explosion. All these struggles we have been passing through is  just we all looking for the matching box so that we can cause an explosion to that Dam

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